Stagehands: The Silent City

~ Monday, 31 May 2010
The Stagehands describe what they do as 'Broadway Rock' and it is understandable what they mean by that. There is a sense of the theatrical about what they do. The album is separated into two acts, their words not mine, and tells the story of Stan, a songwriter who travels to Laconia, The Land of Entertainment, in search of fame. Imagine if Glee did an episode dedicated to Queen where the Scissor Sisters are the house band and you get some idea of what this album is all about.

Musically this is a well executed album. The musicianship is beyond reproach but the rock opera format fails to engage without the imagery to back it up unlike the Who's Tommy where the songs were able to stand up in their own right away from the visual aspect of a stage show. The band wanted to create a musical where the members are the actors and the music is the story and in that case they have succeeded in what they wanted to do.

It would be unfair to pick out individual tracks for review as it is clearly intended to be listened to as a whole. Personally I struggled with this album. I found it to be self indulgent and the overall campness tiresome. One for fans of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The album can be downloaded for free from the bands website.

[][][ (2.5/5)