Amari: Poweri

~ Thursday, 10 June 2010
This is the 7th album from the Italian band with a penchant for funky beats that are both dance floor and radio friendly. Some records have a feelgood factor about them and this one works it to the max with a strong summer vibe and some great retro samples. It has a similar feel to bands like Hotchip and Air but there is more depth to their sound. The same can't be said for their lyrics which are more or less nonsensical throughout.

The album kicks of with the highly infectious Kisses, a sun drenched 70's throwback that resurfaces again at the end of the album in the shape of two remixes. The first, a remix by Tuzo, strips the song of its charm and renders it as nothing more than club fodder while the second, a remix by Blatta & Inesha, gives it a two step makeover that is beyond annoying. A totally pointless exercise in banality that can't hold a candle to the original.
Tiger, the first single from the album, is a curious one. It has an inspired tempo change that comes totally out of the blue and some seriously funky guitar going on. It even has a distinct chilled thing going on in the mix. Seriously good.

Lost On The Sea shows that they are not afraid to experiment with pushing the boundaries of what is considered dance. This wouldn't fill any dance floors but it is an extremely clever piece of pop and this is where this album gets its brownie points. They take risks and mix things that most bands wouldn't touch. Not everything using this philosophy works. Italo Tourist comes across like trashy euro pop and Girls On Vodka tries to flirt with both pop and punk but succeeds at neither.

Standout track for me is the short and sweet Acqua Di Joe. At only 1 min 40 sec they really missed a trick in not developing this one further. The 80's retro synths really do sound great and the addition of the dirty guitar licks make this one track I just wanted to go on and on.

I get this album. I see what they are trying to do and for that I applaud them but it is to hit and miss to be essential listening. Hopefully they can get the balance right with album number 8.

[][][] (3/5)