The Amazing: Wait For A Light To Come

~ Saturday, 12 June 2010
We were big fans of The Amazing's 2009 self titled debut album. It was packed full of dreamy jangly guitars and songs with more hooks than a fisherman's bunnet, so we were delighted to see the release of this six track mini album and you know what? It is even better than their debut. The sound has changed. It is softer, more polished. The psychedelic influences are still there but more folky than before.

It's a short one at only 26 minutes but it is about quality not quantity here. The album opens in fine style with the dreamy
Evil. The relentless drums really do make this track and the flute overdubs pull the whole thing together. It really is a pretty amazing song. You may think that after opening with such a strong track it would be down hill all the way but no, it just keeps getting better. Islands is a masterpiece. Seriously, this is one quality piece of music. It has a kind of chilled dance quality about it yet it isn't dance. It's folk. It's just a different kind of folk. And It Looks Like Today is most definitely folk, like a long lost Nick Drake recording brought back to life. There is a tweeness to it which may be in part due to the male/female dual vocal approach.

Head Beaches has an epic sound. The production is magnificent. The song has an ethereal quality that is all the more striking given the sparseness of the arrangement. Beautiful. Wait For A Light To Come has a similar feel about it but uses layered harmonies to build an atmosphere that wafts over you like a warm summer breeze. Defect is one track that is a reminder of their debut album as it has a harder edge and a dis-jointed feel that brings to mind bands like Cream and Moby Grape.

If you are a fan of 60's influenced psychedelia then this record should be top of your wanted list. Just make sure you get it on the limited edition vinyl and enjoy it the way it should be heard. I'm already looking forward to what these guys come up with next.

[][][][][ (4.5/5)