Buckman Coe: Latest Waking

~ Wednesday, 2 June 2010
When I put this cd on for the first time it had me there and then. I was sold. Coe's music comes from a different decade. His voice has shades of Stephen Stills as does his songs, which is no bad thing in my book, yet he brings a freshness, a naivety even that is heartwarming and completely captivating. This is Coe's debut album, an album which he recorded and produced himself in his flat yet you would never know as the sound quality is excellent and the production warm and full.

Having been born in London and raised in Canada has certainly had an influence on Coe's music as he draws influences from both sides of the Atlantic. Album opener Give Up The Fright carries the ghosts of many an American classic. I can hear Tom Russell and Jeff Buckley alongside Stephen Stills here on what really is a classy piece of music. This is a fairly laid back album that brakes into the occasionally cantor in the shape of the quirky Disappear Into Love but it is the mellow vibes of tracks like And Love Again, Soldier and Off The Beaten Path where Coe excels. Off The Beaten Path in particular shows Coe's skill as a songwriter and for me is the strongest track on an album that is packed with quality songs. The addition of the strings allowing the atmosphere to build while the harmonics from the guitar add depth and anticipation.

I hope this album gets Coe the attention he deserves for he stands head and shoulders above the pack when it comes to originality and passion.


[][][][][ (4.5/5)