Danny Mitchell: A Little More Fight (ep)

~ Wednesday, 2 June 2010
Mitchell makes his living as a session musician in Nashville but as this classy ep shows he is more than capable of making a name for himself in his own right. Mitchell inhabits the same territory as the likes of Harry Connick Jnr, Joshua Kadison and Michael Buble. Certainly his voice shares the same tones, phrasing and diction as Buble but he is definitely no copycat.

The title track is a poppy little tune that is reminiscent of Marc Cohen or Bruce Hornsby with a great arrangement and faultless vocals. A Love Song starts out as a laid back jazz tinged ballad but builds and builds ending up sounding strangely like Take That's A Million Love Songs. All the six tracks contained here flow together perfectly and show Mitchell as a formidable songwriter. The production is wonderfully bright and warm and only adds to the overall quality of this hugely impressive piece of work. Definitely one to keep an eye on.