David Celia: I Tried

~ Sunday, 6 June 2010
This is Canadian Celia's 3rd album, a self produced collection of songs that pay homage to a wide range of influences ranging from The Beatles to Randy Newman and Neil Young to Ry Cooder. I personally never understood the status that The Beatles hold in peoples affections but Celia obviously holds them dear. So much so that the first two tracks, Turnout and Severine, sound like outtakes from Sgt Pepper. There is a fine line between originality and plagiarism. A line which Celia comes too close to for comfort on these two songs.

I nearly gave up on this album then and there but I'm glad I didn't hit the eject button
as Celia goes on to prove that his musicianship and songwriting deserve to be taken on their own merits. The beautiful title track shows Celia to possess a sweet and pure voice as well as consummate finger style skills on the guitar. This track is really two songs in one starting out as an ethereal folk song of cinematic proportions before morphing into a country tinged piece of Americana that Crosby, Stills and Nash would be proud of. The country sounds continue on the humour packed I'm Not Texan, a wonderfully crafted tale of things not always being what they appear. A bit like this album. If you take the time to let this album work its magic you will be well rewarded.

Tracks like
Crush and Marcus really are works of true beauty that blur musical genres and are worth buying this album alone for. Standout track however for me is the incredibly infectious Instant Puppy Love which is littered with some stunning guitar work outs courtesy of both Celia and the wonderful Gruf Morlix.

This would easily have been a 5 out of 5 album if it were not for the first two tracks. Given the fact that Celia is a bloody great songwriter and musician, he didn't need to do The Beatles pastiche. Shame.


[][][][ (3.5/5)