GTAA: The Time,The Place

~ Monday, 14 June 2010
When I heard the opener of The Time, The Place by GTAA, called Football World the first thought in my head was this is why god invented Call Centres. So delusional artists like GTAA can go and be a manager in them. I don’t understand why people indulge guys like this in the studio. I’m sure he thinks it’s wonderful but honestly it’s not. The songs aren’t good, the production is rubbish. There are no redeeming features in this whatsoever. It’s unoriginal. It’s not good.

If pushed Rising Sun is OK but only if someone else was singing it. That’s as good as it gets I’m afraid. This is the downside of everyone being able to make music. Self indulgence and a bio that borders on mental illness with a comparison to Bowie and Julian Cope. This is a concept album we are told. Here’s a concept, just go read a book, preferably about poetry or songwriting. Listen to some records and if you really want to continue releasing music of any kind, at least know your trade. This is poor, uninspiring, horrendously self indulgent and just bad. At one point I maybe thought I was being duped and tricked and part of a practical joke. Sadly, GTAA (what sort of name is that? even the name is crap), are serious.

If we are being kind we’d say if the guy isn’t right in the head, then it’s a good attempt at doing something creative but for me it’s two words; call centre. I’m sorry this is so bad. I really tried so hard to be positive and listened to it three times and feel ill now.


Review by Charlie Brown