Jane Weaver: The Fallen By Watch Bird

~ Thursday, 3 June 2010
I feel like I really shouldn't like this record. It's a concept album and lets face I don't think anyone has ever made a good concept album never mind a great one. The production borders on amateurish and the instrumentation relies on repetitiveness rather than melody for its focus yet I do like this album. In fact I really like this album.

Weaver has been an illusive figure of late taking a step back from being the darling of the Manchester indie scene and the time away has been put to good use resulting in this wonderful album of new age folk psych that embraces electronica and cinematic grandeur for an ethereal and magical ride through a tale that touches on death, re-birth and witchcraft.

The first three tracks on this album flow continuously into each other as part of a musical 'suite' that is high on atmosphere as it builds into a Hawkwindesque conclusion on the title track but it is the tracks that follow that really make this album. There are definite comparisons to be garnered here with American Joanne Newsom and Swede
Lisa Issaksson (otherwise known as Lisa O Piu), particularly on the hypnotic Turning In Circles and the mesmerising Hud a Llefrith, resplendent in all its harp based glory, but Weaver's sound and voice still retains a definite Englishness about them that sets her apart.

Weaver has an obvious grasp of what she wanted to create here and on every level you have to say she has produced something beautiful. It looks like there is now at least one great concept album after all. It's good to have her back.


[][][][][ (4.5/5)