The John Henrys: White Linen

~ Wednesday, 2 June 2010
The John Henrys are an interesting proposition. They sound familiar. Part Tom Petty, part Elvis Costello and part Rolling Stones. They have an ear for a country lick in the same way Keith Richard does. It is rock 'n' roll enough to be cool and free spirited enough to be different. They are the type of band that you feel would have been at home on stage at Woodstock sandwiched between Joe Cocker and Country Joe and the Fish.

Album opener Little One wears its Heartbreaker influences on its sleeve with lead singer Rey Sabatin Jnr sounding uncannily like Tom Petty. When they decide to crank it up a bit this album works at its best like on the wonderful Hit The Floor and Empty Pockets, the former sounding like a recently uncovered Lynyrd Skynyrd classic.

They show their country credentials in some style with the lilting Edge Of December and the rasping Dawson City but lose their way somewhat with the cliched and cringing Good Man which sounds like a poor mans Wild Horses. That aside they have found a good balance on this album with a mix of ballads and country blues tinged rockers that makes this an enjoyable 43 mins. The one thing that this their 3rd album does do, is make me want to see them live. You just know these guys put on a blistering show.

[][][][] (4/5)