Larkin Poe: Spring - An EP

~ Saturday, 12 June 2010
Larkin Poe is the name adopted by The Lovell Sisters, Rebecca & Megan, after the departure of their elder sister, Jessica, from their family group. The sisters have already had some considerable success on their side of the Atlantic under their former guise and the sound has moved on slightly from the Country/Bluegrass they are known for. The sisters always had a pop edge to their music but with the name change has came a more embracing attitude towards that side of their music. They have often been compared to the Dixie Chicks and on the evidence of this 9 track ep (surely it's an album!), you can see why.

It's not one of these records that grabs you and makes you pay attention. It's the kind of music that you can put on at a dinner party without disturbing the conversation. It's not that it's bland, just not memorable. Having listened to this record many times over the last two weeks I still can't remember any songs on it. Songs like
Long Hard Fall, To Myself and Nothin' But Air are pleasant enough but fall flat when compared to someone like The Indigo Girls who do this style of music so much better.

I neither like or dislike this record. I wouldn't buy it but I wouldn't turn it off if it came on the radio. If you like the poppier side of The Dixie Chicks or Keith Urban then this may indeed be the album for you but personally I prefer my music with a bit more heart and soul and this is passionless music, plain and simple.

[][][ (2.5/5)