The Dreaming Tree: Progress Has No Patience

~ Tuesday, 13 July 2010
The Dreaming Tree, the blurb said ‘are a West Midlands based progressive pop/rock band with a sound rich in dynamics (sic) and wry with an impelling quirkiness'. As well as being delusional, their grasp of music is even worse than their grasp of grammar. Do they mean compelling? Is it a mistake? Did they mean impel, as to hurl and throw and propel? Just like projectile vomit?

They think they’re a prog band. They don’t sound like Emerson Lake and Palmer or Yes, they sound like Nik Kershaw after electric shock treatment. I’m not sure whether to truly feel sorrow for them or be angered at how good they think they are? On Grown Up Too Small we have the buttock clenching moment of someone, I’m assuming the singer, shouting ‘take it away boys’. Doesn’t he know people listening to this understand he’s recording in a studio and not down the local boozer or maybe that was just their impelling quirkiness?

You may have guessed by now that there isn’t a happy ending. By track 5, called Moult we have a song about birds losing their feathers? Whatever floats your boat. For more impelling quirkiness what about giving a free orange Guantanamo Bay boiler suit to anyone stupid enough to download this, so we can all be water boarded and not have to listen. I had to close the windows in case the birds in the garden started committing suicide as even they were mesmerised by a song about their kin losing their feathers.

There’s no doubting The Dreaming Tree’s musical proficiency but this album is weak, thin sounding and the material itself is extremely poor.


Review by Charlie Brown