Fortuna: Fortuna (Feat:: Asia Argento)

~ Monday, 5 July 2010
One of the most difficult things to do when reviewing music is to accurately place were a band fits in. Who would buy it? Where would you find it in a shop? Are they indie, blues, dance, jazz, or grunge? It would surprise you how little time bands themselves spend time understanding what they’re about and fail to realise how important it is for record companies to try and sell their work. Yes, it turns music into product, like corporate soulless Tesco rock bands such as Coldplay and Muse where you can go to the dumb rawk isle and overload on your favourite forced fed tin of rock beans. I know this seems a bit of a digression but it is important in Fortuna’s case.

They seem like cool guys, are hip and even have a cool actress on board but they aren’t a dance band. The publicity, the pitch and the look of the band is one of dance project. A producer should’ve said this is the wrong genre and point of attack. This isn’t good dance music but it’s brilliant soundtrack work.

Once you get the genre right, tracks like A Radical Bravery sound at home on a macabre Roman art house movie. Track 3, Roma belongs on a dark sinister melodramatic European movie involving loads of car chases. Black Water sounds like the perfect accompaniment to a gritty detective show in Belgium. They are very good at European soundtrack music.

Fortuna is the goddess of luck in Roman religion. I hope they get some but I believe it’ll be in movie soundtracks and not on the dance floor.

[][][] (3/5)