Gina & Tony: Big Bang Love (ep)

~ Friday, 9 July 2010
Electro pop from Switzerland. Now that's a phrase you don't hear every day. The Geneva based duo of Gina & Tony make pretty electronica you can dance to with serious pop overtones. Calling this an ep is a bit misleading as it is the one song, Big Bang Love, and 4 remixes. Often a remix can radically change, improve even, the artists original but the only one that offers anything new from the duo's original is The Phenomenal Handclap Band mix which has a slight retro feel to it.

It not what you would call a floor filler, more of a mood piece. The type of track you are likely to hear in chilled pre club bars. The song itself is a tale of futuristic love which given the bleeps and blips of the music, suits it perfectly.

Gina & Tony's sound is nothing new but it is done with considerable flair making this a classy tune that's worth a listen.