Jil Is Lucky: The Wanderer (single)

~ Saturday, 3 July 2010
24 year old songwriter Jil is Lucky hails from Paris and this his UK debut single is a musical sandwich loaded with Parisian flair, a large side order of folk and topped off with some middle eastern relish. It has a ramshackle quality to it which grown increasingly endearing with every listen.

He has already garnered considerable attention in France where this track is featured on a perfume ad (to be shown in the UK this Autumn) but whether this particular song is to the taste of the British consumer is a tricky one. The British record buying public tend to baulk at any music coming out of Europe which can't be fitted into into the Euro Pop or Dance
categories. It may be narrow minded but as the radio, press and media on these little islands simply won't give the airplay or column inches to this type of music, it is not surprising.

If you like your folk and pop with a twist and an air of Bohemia then check out Jil Is Lucky. He may just change a few peoples attitudes. The Wanderer is released in the UK on the 5th July.


Watch a live video of Jil Is Lucky: The Wanderer