Josephine: I Think It Was Love (ep)

~ Tuesday, 20 July 2010
Manchester based singer Josephine Oniyama has a bit of a jazz vibe going on with this 3 track ep. It's a folksy soulful kind of jazz vibe that is different enough to make her stand out from the current crop of singer songwriters around at the moment.

The title track congers up images of a smoke filled speakeasy, the dim lights accentuating the atmosphere while the immaculately dressed chanteuses hold the audience spellbound and Josephine certainly has a voice that is capable of holding your attention. It has a breathy earthiness which is is quite refreshing.

One Princess of Cheetham Hill flirts with flamenco and folk and proves Josephine's voice is adaptable and strong enough to detract from what is a mediocre song. The accapella One Song has an almost hymn like feel to it that highlights a lilt to her voice which belies her tender years. There is enough here to suggest that this young lady is one to keep an eye on.