Kennedy Green: Kennedy Green

~ Tuesday, 20 July 2010
When I was listening to this album I had to bear in mind the tender years of the duo of Hannah Kennedy and Laura Green. I say this as both the girls are just 16 and 18. Now, I am not a great believer that age is an excuse if something isn't good even if the profits from the record are for charity and therein lies the problem. The songs are weak as it the production. The vocals are stage musical and the lyrics, well they are what you would expect from a 16 and 18 yr old.

Both the girls have voices that are crying out to be taken in hand, have the cabaret shaken out of them and release the obvious potential they have, but as it is we have Glee meets Fame in a head on car crash that tries too hard to be something it was never going to be. The producer must take a large proportion of the blame for this record. The guitars and drums sound awful and the vocals regularly stray off key, something any engineer or producer worth their salt would never have let out of the studio never mind onto a finished album.

The rock chick thing also just doesn't work for them.
Don't Waste My Time, Soap Girl, Teenage Devil and the new single Rocket Girl, a cover of the Wire Daisies song, lack any passion, guts or balls and just end up as limp teen fodder that wouldn't even make it as Jonas Brother's b-sides. The only glimmer of light comes in the form of Cocapah but still ain't no ray of sunshine. With a good producer on board and a descent writer to tailor songs that actually suit the girls they could certainly do something pretty special.

I applaud the girls and all those involved for the sentiment behind making this album as they are raising funds for children's cancer charity
CLIC (, so for that reason alone I would buy it but it would be handed into the local charity shop unopened at the soonest opportunity.

[][] (2/5)