Kinzli & the kiloWatts: Down Up Down

~ Saturday, 17 July 2010
Kinzli is a singer songwriter who along with her mates, The kiloWatts has delivered a great collection of songs. Vocally her voice is interesting, a bit folk, a bit operatic and a big part pop. Lyrically, she’s eclectic, the album kicks of with Don’t Shoot, a reflectively haunting start while The Land of Il (3 Part Dance) is about brainwashing by Kim Jung Il. Immediately, you get the fact that we’re listening to a writer with integrity who has lived a life and is determined to express her art. At the very heart of this work is sterling songwriting delivered with a delicious pop feel.

Recorded mostly in her bedroom, there is an intimate and at times live feel to
Down Up Down and the album grabs you from start to finish. Each song is like a short story and we’re never sure what’s going to happen until the end. The songs meander from the challenging We Walk For Peace to the dreamily romantic in Stargazing.

It’s an album full of surprises and clever musical touches. It’s also refreshingly honest. Kinzli should be a star. She’s talented enough, has a great voice and with this album, deserves any recognition she receives. In terms of talent, she certainly stands out from the current female singer songwriters doing the rounds and must wonder what she has to do have a major breakthrough. She doesn’t strike me as someone who would get a huge beehive, tattoos and a crack habit in order to become famous.

[][][][] (4/5)

Review by Charlie Brown