Kidd Russell: Backyard Heroes

~ Friday, 20 August 2010
Every genre of music has its good and bad sides and hip hop is the one that probably divides people more than any other. Personally, the majority of hip hop out there does nothing for me apart from making me turn off the radio. The misogynistic self righteous pomposity of many of the genres biggest names is there for all to see and it is not an endearing quality. Kidd Russell is a man who is not afraid to blow his own trumpet and with Backyard Heroes he stakes his claim to join the big league by following the same predictable lyrical path of those before him but musically he blurs boundaries to make him a slightly more appealing prospect.

Russell mixes throwaway lyrics on some tracks with some serious subject matters on others and it is the throwaway stuff that works best, like on
She Feels Like Home and Hurricane. Where things really go wrong is when he gets serious, like on Dear Shooter. The lyrics are so cringingly bad that I am still unfurling my toes. The subject matter is one that deserves a better song, delivery and lyric.

If your idea of cutting edge is Eminem, then this will probably end up your new favourite album but if like me your idea of good hip hop is De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest then you will be best to give this album a wide berth.

[][] (2/5)