La Cherish: La Cherish (ep)

~ Friday, 13 August 2010
I'm not sure what London 3 piece La Cherish are hoping for from the release of this 4 track ep. The music they make is already well catered for and done with a lot more flair. Vocalist Leah Gregory's voice has shades of Madonna about it but somewhat less interesting than Madge herself and with no passion whatsoever but she is not helped by the woefully produced bonetempi organ style backings which don't even manage to sound twee, just bland.

Some bands obviously feel that just because they have recorded something they have to release it but this sounds more like a rough home recorded demo. The first 3 tracks are all instantly forgettable with only the last track Danger showing any signs of promise.

What they do may work better live but it ain't working for them in the studio. This really is offensive music.