Luke Jackson: ...And Then Some

~ Friday, 13 August 2010
This album was first released in 2008 and is thankfully now getting its first release here in the UK. I say thankfully as this is a great record with Jackson sounding like what you would imagine Teenage Fanclub would sound like if they were to have a jam with Squeeze.

Jackson's musical journey, for this his third album, has been a long one that started with an obsession with Swedish musician Magnus Borjeson whose band Beagle are one of his favourites. The pair eventually met in Paris and this resulted in an invitation to record, what would become ...And Then Some, in Sweden with Borjeson. With a cast of local musicians and string arrangements by the sadly missed Robert Kirby who had previously worked with the likes of Nick Drake and Elvis Costello, Jackson has produced a quite remarkable record.

There is an energy to this record that is quite rare. It is hard to put your finger on it but the combination of the arrangements, songs and production really do work perfectly. This is a really beautiful sounding record. Album opener Come Tomorrow bursts into life with an attention grabbing intensity that is kept up throughout. This is followed by one of the albums best songs, This Life. The string arrangement really is something to behold while Jens Jansson's drumming is mesmerising. The quality continues with the beguiling Trouble and the punk sensibilities of Goodbye London but it is the wonderfully understated The Fear that really captures the attention. Again the string arrangements are quite sublime.

It is hard to say exactly what makes this record so enjoyable but Christoffer Lundquist's analogue recording and production must take a lot of the credit. Go on treat your ears to a truly beautiful sounding record. Its been worth the wait.

[][][][][] (5/5)