Spyn Reset: Objects In The Abstract

~ Friday, 20 August 2010
Seattle based collective Spyn Reset deliver jazz fueled progressive instrumental music that has a lot of heart and soul. Music is a very emotive thing. It works on the listener on many different levels that very few other art form can manage. It can render a person in a state of near ecstasy or draw a tear from even the most cold hearted person. That is the power of music. Listening to Objects In The Abstract you get the feeling that Spyn Reset understand this power.

Objects In The Abstract is a mainly uplifting experience with the tempo driven hard most of the time and some impressive individual musicianship making the bands free spirited sound all the more convincing. The music is always interesting and tracks like Yellow Plants and Silent Reflection show a deep understanding of structure and composition that allows the band to paint canvases with their sound. If John Coltrane was still with us, you would pretty much imagine that he would be doing similar stuff to these guys.

On an album of impressive tracks from start to finish, it is the wonderful The Spotless Studio that draw the most praise. The piano driven piece is punctuated by some wonderful
staccato drumming and free flowing bass before being joined by the rasping saxophone of Darian Asplind which really does make it stand out.

You don't have to be a jazz fan to appreciate this album as it has so many other facets to its overall sound. This is infectious music played with a dexterity and passion that will win over the most sceptical listener.


[][][][] (4/5)