Bada Badoo: Conceptual Love (Single)

~ Wednesday, 29 September 2010
When Bada Badoo appeared on this years X Factor, Simon Cowell was heard to say 'this is a joke' when Bada walked on stage. Perhaps it was a joke as he played the geek to perfection, claiming that he wanted to see if he really could sing. He can indeed sing and left the assembled judges open mouthed. I personally detest the X Factor and its talentless freaks as they parade their wares for a crack at obscurity all the while pouring millions of pounds into Mr Cowell's bank account. So is Bada just another one of these sad deluded puppet laid bare for our voyeuristic entertainment? Well perhaps not as this guy really can sing.

Conceptual Love is a chilled slice of radio friendly R'n'B with some serious pop overtones, and a video that has its tongue firmly in its cheek, that provides the perfect vehicle for Bada's soulful and pure voice, and you know what.... he may just have a hit on his hands. There is a place in UK music at the moment for a truly great soul voice and if he can live up to the early promise of this single, then he will certainly have a career that lasts a lot longer than that of Leon Jackson, Shayne Ward or Steve Brookstein.