I, Ludicrous: Clerking 'Til I Die (single)

~ Wednesday, 29 September 2010
Clerking 'Til I Die sees I, Ludicrous back to their ironic best with a self deprecating tale of the fame hungry and those content with their lot. The comparisons to The Fall will never go away but unlike the dour faced ramblings of Mark E Smith, I, Ludicrous have no illusions of their own self importance. As usual humour is their best weapon.

The track itself is a slow chugging piece of indieness that brings to mind The Pixies with Will Hung's semi spoken vocal delivery showing no hint of the humour in the lyrics until the very end of the song. If you have not checked out the band before, then do yourself a favour and discover one of the great undiscovered bands of the last 25 years.