Momo:tempo: Sweetseeker (ep)

~ Friday, 3 September 2010
Momo:tempo is the moniker for composer and producer Timo Peach who has his feet firmly rooted in the electro dance field. Peach scores big points for staying clear of the easy money chart fodder and brings us tunes that owe more to acts from the 80's like Thomas Dolby, Yello and Blacmange.

Sweetseeker has a quirky energy with a full on wall of sound production that will appeal to the electo heads as well as the indie kids. The other 4 tracks (including a brilliant remix of Sweetseeker) confirm Peach's experimental nature. The Golden Age Of Exploration jumps from sample to sample with effortless ease while held together by some impressive production while the chilled beats of I Saw You Get On, Would You Like To Get Off would grace any Ibiza sunset.

Closer Al Hamdu Li Lah, the Arabic for 'Praise To God' for all you fact fans, is no less tongue in cheek than the rest of this ep but again the production and clever use of samples makes this a classy piece of electro pop.

If you get the Chemical Brothers then you'll definitely love this. I know I do.