Po' Girl: Follow Your Bliss - Album of the Month - September 2010

~ Wednesday, 22 September 2010
Follow Your Bliss is the 5th studio album from the much venerated Canadian roots band Po' Girl and is packed with songs of love, longing and desire that swing from Americana to jazz and folk to pop with all the usual flair that you have came to expect from this talented four peice. From the very first moment you put this record on you know that you are in for something special. Opener Kathy is the perfect vehicle for the wonderful vocals of Allison Russell, resplendent in its breathy dusky tones, and shows a progression in the bands sound from last album Deer in the Night which is carried on through out the other 13 tracks contained here.

The country blues of
When We Are Love is a soulful and joyous affair brought to life by the dobro of Benny Sidelinger and the guitar of Dan Abu Absi. A great deal of the credit for the likability of this album must go to the outstanding production of Zack Goheen who has provided a warmth to the new found maturity of the bands songwriting. Highlights are many. From the accordion and brass driven title track to the Parisian zydeco of Maudite Guerre and the understated beauty of Go Easy to the haunting Benediction, this is an album that delivers constantly with each listen drawing you in further.

There are many other bands playing similar stuff out there but few manage to capture the emotion and joy that Po'Girl have etched into their soul. This is a great record that the band may find hard to better.


[][][][][] (5/5)