The Quails: Masters Of Imperfection

~ Saturday, 4 September 2010
The Quails Masters of Imperfection is an entertaining album. It cracks on at a pace delivering radio friendly pop tunes which should see the band become a fixture on the festival circuit. The downside is that they sound like loads of other bands did, two years ago.

They wear their influences on their sleeve, a sleeve full of Killers like imagery and on That Other World and Princess, Brandon Flowers spirit looms large, in fact it sounds like he’s dropped by the studio to help with the vocals. On the opener Games With The Devil we hear the band doff their musical cap to the vocals and guitars of Franz Ferdinand.

Tracks like Shining Star and That Other World prove the band have a future but it will be a lot brighter once they find their own voice. It’s a decent second album but if they get to make a third, they need to stop thinking about the Killers, Arctic Monkeys and The Kaiser Chiefs and start concentrating on their own songwriting ability. They certainly have the musical talent and at this point let’s hear it for Chris Prentice’s drumming, but just concentrate on making an album like The Quails and the huge following in the South West will translate into UK wide success.

Songs like Argentina and Fever prove they can do it.

[][][][ (3.5/5)

Review by Charlie Brown