The Snakes: Sometime Soon

~ Wednesday, 15 September 2010
If subtle country rock with a British twist is your bag, then The Snakes Sometime Soon is the must buy album of this or any other week. Maybe it’s just been a bad week at The Music Critic HQ but when this album was slipped under the door it made me smile and feel happy. It’s a refreshing X Factor-Simon Cowell- music industry-free kind of album. It’s not rocket science, get together with some mates and make an album, an album with a distinctive, live, natural feel which adds to the charm.

The Snakes have listened to decent records. You can hear the obvious influences, post Exile On Main Street Stones and The Flying Burrito Brothers (if they hailed from the Thames Delta), Dylan and The Band. Though we also verge off into Captain Beefheart and Jon Spencer territory with Refrigerator Blues and Jesus in a Box, on Tin Foil Town we would excite fans of Steve Earle.

The stand out tracks are Promised Land and Come My Way and both could be hit singles. On Promised Land, we are in an America the world dreams of; the open road, hot deserts, Arizona, an orange sunset, the ghost of Gram Parsons all around, a full tank of petrol and hope. The optimism continues on Come My Way with more spacey, big and gloriously choruses, unapologetic nods to Tom Petty at his best.

Last week the Mercury Music prize was awarded to someone whose name I’ve forgotten already. The Snakes should be nominated for next years prize right now. In fact let’s all just buy it. It’s released on Red Eye Music on September 27 2010. It would’ve been a perfect five apart from the track Cumberland Breeze, a shame it was out of place.

[][][][] (4/5)

Review by Charlie Brown