Aaron Shanley: Let The Sun In

~ Tuesday, 12 October 2010
Lisburn singer songwriter Shanley is part of a new breed of musicians that the area is producing with effortless ease and this 8 track mini album shows him to be one of the best of the bunch. He takes his cue, as many of his counterparts do, from the other side of the Atlantic and fuses it with a pop sensibility much like fellow Northern Irish songwriters Bap Kennedy, Ben Glover, Andy White and Brian Houston do. The vibe of this album is mellow as are his breathy vocals, which are made all the warmer by the reverb laiden production.

Album opener Coming Down has a grandiose and somewhat epic feel to its intro before settling down to the sparse arrangement of the verse with resplendent plaintive vocals before rising again for the chorus with added lush harmonies giving extra texture and depth to what is a mighty fine song. The quality continues with the wistful Go Easy and the stunning title track Let The Sun In. The latter is quite beautiful and shows a songwriting talent far beyond his tender 20 years.

The ramshackle alt-country of Ana Came Along and Sarah Rose shows another string to his bow as he takes the tempo up but it is without a doubt on the melancholy balladry of the rest of the album that he truly shines as A Little Rain and Today I shows. This is a supremely self assured debut from a name that is already at the top of the 'one to watch' lists of those in the know.


[][][][][ (4.5/5)