CrestFallen: Cities On The Edge Of Forever (ep)

~ Wednesday, 6 October 2010
Southampton metalcore outfit CrestFallen will keep the faithful happy with this 6 track ep yet for those new to the band they may find it all a bit too predictable. Don't get me wrong, the relentless double kick of the bass drum and ferocious guitar riffs will have even the most cynical head banging but like countless other bands that go for the fast/slow tempo changes, CrestFallen trod a well worn path. Many moons ago I was sent along to review a Napalm Death gig. I remember being intoxified by the energy of the music yet totally bemused by the growl that passed for vocals. The vocals almost seemed like anti music and this is how I find myself feeling about CrestFallen.

COTEOF gets underway with the ambient sampled monologue of The Truth Will Set You Free which seems like a pointless exercise compared to what follows with Elysium Plateau, an old skool riff fest of the kind beloved by Megadeath while Behold A Pale Horse is a far darker and harder affair and easily one of the better track of the six on offer.
Both The Essence and Disclosure follow the afore mentioned fast/slow principle so beloved of this genre. While they are not bad songs, they are not very imaginative or original. The best is saved for last in the shape of The Tether Incident with its mix of fantastic drumming, soaring guitars and predominately clean vocals that cut through to provide texture and meaning to the song.

Perhaps I'm not the best person to review this ep but I am a fan of good music in whatever form it comes and CrestFallen certainly have their appeal but call me old fashioned, I actually like it when you can hear what the singer is singing.