LZ7: Light

~ Wednesday, 13 October 2010
The Manchester pop hip hoppers have already made a stir off the back of their cover of the children's gospel song This Little Light for the charity Message Trust and this album follows the same musical template that has worked for the likes of The Black Eyed Peas with radio friendly dance pop for the masses. The polished electro beats of LZ7 are certainly catchy but with an abundance of acts producing almost identical dance pop, have these guys got what it takes to stand out?

If the single and album opener is the yard stick by which they wish to be measured, then the answer is no.
This Little Light is inoffensive enough but you could turn on any commercial radio station across the country and would be hard pushed to tell this apart from anything else on their playlist. If someone told me this was the new album from Aqua, Will.i.am or NDubz then I wouldn't argue with them. Ok, ok... Yes, I'm not their target audience and I dare say if I was 13 then this would be a constant on my ipod and I would dance my buns off at the school disco to them.

There are a few small gems that shine in the shape of Sold Out which is an instantly catchy slice of summer fueled pop that is easily the best thing on here while
Party Time and Four Points are undeniably fun pieces of kitch pop but then on the flip side you have the very ordinary Fall At Your Feet, Ditto, Superstar and The Greatest Day. These songs, and in indeed most of this album, could be by any number of bands that clog the charts as there is no originality or depth to the music. It just sounds like countless other acts out there. It is not that it is really bad, more that it is just not very good. That said, expect to see them in the charts very, very soon.


[][][ (2.5/5)