Matt Henshaw: Can't Hold Back (ep)

~ Wednesday, 6 October 2010
Henshaw is definitely a soul boy at heart and you imagine he must own a fine record collection judging by the various samples that he uses here. The ep is a collaboration with hip hop narrator ReggiiMental and moves into territory that will be familiar to fans of Mike Skinner, Just Jack and Plan B with a mix of Henshaw's bluesy pop vocals and ReggiiMental's machine gun spoken approach.

The title track and The Deepest Cellar play the soul card to great effect and just when you think you've got the measure of this record along comes the reggae dub of Far Away and Adidas Trainers, forcing a rethink. Given all the technology and samples used on this ep, it is the acoustic bonus track Naughty Girls that really shines and is refreshingly uncluttered.

All the tracks on here, except Naughty Girl, appeared previously on ReggiiMental's album The Deepest Cellar which was released in May of this year, so why exactly they felt the need to release this ep is best known to them.