Phantom Limb: Live In Bristol

~ Friday, 1 October 2010
With a name like Phantom Limb you could be forgiven for expecting a band bedecked in denim and leather but cast those pre-conceptions aside. The Bristol outfit's sound is in fact more of a soulful Americana that is crowned by the glorious voice of Yolanda Quartey and as this live album shows, they are a very special band indeed.

The 8 tracks featured here are gathered together from their self titled debut album, old releases and some new material and the one thing that strikes you when you listen to this album is why these guys are not shifting the same amount of records as fellow Bristolians Massive Attack.

Album opener
Run catches your attention straight away with Quartey's breathy vocals and the sparse arrangement working in unison to create an ethereal atmosphere that the likes of Steely Dan do so well. The vibe of the whole album is mellow and it is not difficult to vividly imagine the audience sat spellbound as this recording transports you there every time you close your eyes.

It is difficult to pick out a particular track for praise as there is no one highlight. The whole album is a highlight. I can't pay this recording any bigger complement than saying it makes me want to go and see them live at the soonest possible opportunity.

[][][][][] (5/5)