Kimmie Rhodes: Miracles On Christmas Day

~ Monday, 15 November 2010
Bah humbug. Is it just me or does your blood run cold at the thought of a Christmas album. I dread the office party here at Music Critic hq. I would happily throttle Noddy Holder, Aled Jones and all those countless smug gits inflicting their ho, ho, ho, jingle flippin' bells on us every year while the royalty cheques roll in. Aaaaaarrrrggghhhhh.

Oh well.... here goes. Miracles On Christmas Day started out as a project to write a Christmas song each year and now comes out as 'a present to all her friends worldwide'. 'So she is giving it away free' I hear you ask. Nope.... Not much of a present then is it. I like Kimmie Rhodes so I really wanted to be positive and like this album but with the odd exception it hits every cliche under the sun. Not even the excellent production and stellar cast of musicians can disguise the fact that this is a pretty underwhelming record.

The title track pretty much sums up everything that is wrong with this album. It is so sugary I can feel my teeth hurt within the first few bars. It has been a long, long time since I have heard a more tedious and nauseating song than this.
By complete contrast, her cover of Carol Of The Bells is magnificent. Her wispy voice suits perfectly the folk balladry and outright weirdness of this song. In a similar vain is the beguiling and beautiful cover of William Chatterton Dix's What Child Is This set to the music of Greensleeves. It really is something of beauty. Unfortunately, these two song aside, this is an epically bad record.

Her album with Willie Nelson, Picture In A Frame, is a record that is never far from my turntable and 2007's Walls Fall Down was one of my favourite albums of that year, so It is hard to believe that she has manged to get it so wrong with this record.

[] (1/5)