Lynn Miles: Fall For Beauty

~ Monday, 15 November 2010
Fall For Beauty is the eighth studio album by Canada’s Lynn Miles. It’s an accomplished and polished album, it’s clear the woman has heart, can sing and knows her way around a decent country folk song. She has a confidence yet a sweet lilting vulnerability.

There is also an honesty and truth solidified by life experience in this album as Miles writes from the heart on Little Bird and Three Chords and the Truth. Fall For Beauty opens with a country epic, is there such a thing as a Springsteen-esque stadium filler? If there is then it has to be Something Beautiful.

There’s a strange thing going on with Lynn Miles, she has a sweet country folk voice but there’s a dark undercurrent on this album’s subject matter. The song Love Doesn’t Hurt broaches abusive relationships and domestic violence.

There is a downside and it’s just a minor point and only my opinion but after a while the formula feels too similar and all the songs seem to merge into one. This isn’t to say it’s bad, it’s all very melodic but suffers from being a bit formulaic and heavy on cliché. Who will love this? Fans of Mary Chapin Carpenter, Shawn Colvin and Kim Richey.

For fans of country, folk and a sweet voice, this is a must. Mainstream success though close will maybe have to wait.

[][][][ (3.5/5)

Review by Charlie Brown