Proud Proud People: How To Be Humble

~ Thursday, 4 November 2010
This is an EP or maybe it’s more of a mini album by Proud Proud People, from Sandbach, it’s released on Butter Bridge Records.

The overall feel is Richard Hawley meets English folk indie sound. We kick off with Razorblade,
an intriguing and punchy opener. They are at their best when the get near to Camera Obscura and Belle and Sebastian territory on Broken Bread with a dual vocal performance and they clearly deliver on the excellent title track How to be Humble.

The best thing about the band is the energy punctuated by the brass giving a nice cool sixties sound like Love. The worst thing, is the affected mock Ian Curtis meets Morrissey vocal on Midnight Oil and Locust which detracts and is only saved by rest of the band somewhat saving face. There are a few problems which a decent A&R man would be able to spot and organize. This would be a delicious indie folk 4 track EP and feels like a missed opportunity.

Overall this is a decent debut but there are still a few problems with consistency. It’s definitely worth buying but with more songs like How to be Humble and Broken Bread, Proud Proud People could be in with a decent shout.

[][][] (3/5)

Review by Charlie Brown