Roselands: Faded Postmark

~ Monday, 15 November 2010
Delusion can be deceitful. That inner belief that no matter how bereft of talent people in bands are, no matter how many times people tell them how bad they are, they still continue. When it gets to the point that the only positive quality of any piece of work is your perseverance it may be time to think about that job in the call centre.

I’m guessing and I may be wrong that Mark McLaughlin is closer to 40 than 20 and has surrounded himself with people who tell to him about how great he is as a singer songwriter and how amazing his band are. How he sounds so much like Van Morrison.

Why keep going? Delusion. Now in London, main man Mark McLaughlin, like so many before him sings, I use that term lightly, he tries to sing, clich├ęd songs of lost love and Glasgow School of Art and the rain and connects that to the romantic image of a sepia tinged America that bands like The Bathers did so much better twenty years ago.

Roselands have made a huge mistake. They think that we are interested in anything creative they have to offer. I can’t think of anything positive to say about this album. Its mediocrity scares me. From the opening out of tune Walk This World to By and By.

This album should be held up as proof that record companies know their job and would never give a band like this a deal. Sadly the modern age easily allows bands like this the opportunity to release anything.


Review by Charlie Brown