Bruno Coulais & Kila: The Secret Of Kells

~ Monday, 6 December 2010
This record is the soundtrack to the animated feature The Secret Of Kells, a film which has critics and audiences alike showering it with praise. Much of the films atmosphere is down to the inspired soundtrack of French composer Bruno Coulais and Irish world fusion band Kila but without the visuals to back it up can it stand in its own right? Well, yes and no. The atmosphere that it creates is magical with ethereal sounds washing over you in a relaxation inducing tide of calm. It really does sound wonderful but if you are looking for songs in the traditional sense then you won't get that here with only the two final track of the 21, Epicy and Cardinal Knowledge, taken from Kila's Lemonade & Buns album and 2007's album Gamblers' Ballet respectively, having the structure of a recognisable song.

Personally, I love this. It just sounds amazing. The production, the instrumentation, the arrangements... they are just simply beautiful. For fans of Kila, this will not be a million miles away from what they know and love but given that most of the music was composed and orchestrated by Coulais, it does bring a different dimension to proceedings.

If you are looking for something that captures the spirit of the Ireland of legends, myths and tall tales then this album will transport you there with effortless ease. This is a beautiful piece of work that stands alone from the film but if you really want to experience it the way it was intended, then sit back, turn down the lights, take the phone of the hook and watch the magical film.

[][][][] (4/5)