The Elijah: A Son A Disease (ep)

~ Monday, 6 December 2010
The Shropshire rockers show a more ambient side than a lot of their contemporaries which is evident from the opening track of this 5 track ep. My ears pricked up as soon as Since I Was Born started with some beautiful orchestration and heavenly vocals but that was soon put aside as the wee shouty man appeared. I'm always confused when a band that makes music that is as stirring, original and mesmerising as this lot do have to go and spoil it with the whole screamo thing. Seriously... it sound like mad uncle Dan has wandered into the studio and went off on one.

Things pretty much stay the same throughout as mad uncle Dan does his best to turn track after track into something unlistenable. Shame as these guys really do know how to write a cracking tune and guitarist Michael, the one who can actually sing, has an incredible voice. As hard as I try, I just don't get why these guys need to do the whole screamo thing.