The Galileo 7: Are We Having Fun Yet?

~ Monday, 6 December 2010
If you like the Lightning Seeds, and sadly there are many who do, then good news... The Galileo 7 are here to do their best to sound exactly like Ian Broadie with their charmless, ever-so-happy pop that thinks it is psychedelic but it ain't. You can see what they are trying to do with their organ driven mod-rock sound but given the quality of the vocals, production and organ playing it was never going to work.

I was really looking forward to this album as it is released on Teen Sound Records, an offshoot of the brilliant Italian Psych label Misty Lane, but while this record has some charm, it feels more like a novelty record or a surreal Mighty Boosh sketch where the band think they are better than they are and they are the only ones who can't see it. Ok, maybe I'm being unfair here. The production doesn't help them. The sound is muddier than a swamp and devoid of any of the warmth that my beloved 60's garage and psych vinyl collection possesses. I'm sure the guys also own a mighty fine record collection but it doesn't show here. There is no point in going through this album track by track as it doesn't deserve it. It really doesn't.

After listening to this album for well over a week I still couldn't tell you the name of any of the tracks on here or a single lyric. To answer the guys question in the album's title.... NO!

[] (1/5)