Pete MacLeod: Rolling Stone (single)

~ Thursday, 6 January 2011
The Scottish singer songwriter has recently relocated back home after an extended spell living in Los Angeles and seems to have returned with a new found enthusiasm for his craft. A long time favourite of indie pop mogul Alan McGee, that elusive record deal has eluded MacLeod and his self released output has been poorly produced and badly promoted but things could be looking up with this download only single.

Rolling Stone is a powerhouse slice of pop that benefits greatly from the robust production skills of Stuart MacLeod (no relation). The influences are there for all to hear. Richard Ashcroft, John Lennon and Lee Mavers have all left their mark on this record. That is not to say that MacLeod sounds like any of them as he seems to have found that balance between familiarity and originality with this record. This is a big song from a guy who looks determined to prove that McGee was right about him all along.