Scarlette Fever: Crash and Burn (single)

~ Thursday, 6 January 2011
Crash and Burn has an anthemic pomposity that fits into the same neat power pop world of Katy Perry and Snow Patrol and based on this single Scarlette Fever could easily replicate their success. The combination of breathy vocals, pulsing bass line and spiking guitars make this a well crafted, if somewhat predictable, pop song that is radio friendly enough to be a hit across Europe.

However... a wee visit to her website offers up some tracks from her forthcoming debut album for your listening pleasure (or in this case dis-pleasure).
It looks as if Crash and Burn is the pick of the bunch as songs like Good Day, Elated and Single White Female are lyrically and musically shallow, sounding like Shania Twain at her insipid worst. Oh dear.... obscurity beckons.