A.Human: Take Me Home/La Shark: I Know What You Did Last Summer (single)

~ Monday, 14 February 2011
The 7" single has been a much missed sight from the record emporiums in the last decade but there are still those labels that keep us vinyl junkies happy with releases like this one. Indie label So Darn So's signings A.Human and La Shark have teamed up for this double A side and both offer up something different but equally catchy. A.Human are perhaps the better know of the two and their offering, Take Me Home, is a piece of breezy pop that should be filling the airwaves this summer. It won't but it should.

La Shark are the more unconventional of the duo with I Know What You Did Last Summer sounding like Black Grape jamming with The Scissor Sisters over a crack pipe. This is a darkly humorous tale that plays with quirky beats and electronica for something quite unique.

I've seen the future and it's black, flat and has a hole in the middle. God bless labels like So Darn So and bands like A.Human and La Shark. Thanks for restoring my faith in music.