General Harrison: Make Me Beg (ep)

~ Friday, 11 February 2011
This is the debut ep from Salt Lake City trio General Harrison, a mix of pop rock and funky basslines with some great playing but the songs are just bland, bland, bland. Make Me Beg sounds like a home demo that should have stayed as just that. Despite repeated attempts to find something redeeming about this record, I just can't find anything positive to say about it. The bands front woman Kendra Harrison has a non descript voice perfectly suited for a career performing in hotel lounges and given the quality of the songs and lyrics, a gig at the Holiday Inn may be their next stop.

There is no cohesion to this ep as musical styles are thrown together as uncomfortable bed fellows with the sanitised goth rock of
Here I Stand and the sickly jaunty pop of Prairie Fire sounding like they belong on different records. In a world of acts like Pink, Katy Perry and The Gossip, General Harrison are a pale imitations and it is hard to see radio or the record buying public interested in what they have to offer.