Jil Is Lucky: Jil Is Lucky

~ Thursday, 3 February 2011
Jil Is Lucky is the moniker of Parisian singer songwriter Jil Bensénior and cohorts, and this the bands debut album, is getting its UK release after first being released in his native France in 2009. He has been causing quite a stir in his homeland with high profile tv appearances and his music being picked up for tv ads.

I like Jil Is Lucky. They remind me of a youthful Dexy's Midnight Runners with the impetulance of The Cure. Their sound is a melting pot of folk, ska, punk and pop that feels refreshingly nieve yet very familiar.

The album opens with the slow building Winter Is Over that busts into brass filled life half way through before retreating like a naughty school boy who has over stepped the mark. If someone told me that J.E.S.U.S Said was written by Robert Smith, I would have no problem believing them as this could have been lifted straight of any Cure album. There is not doubt in my mind that the star of the show is the slow burning I May Be Late with some nifty guitar licks doing battle with Mr Bensénior's impassioned vocals. The single and the bands best know song, The Wanderer, is a wonderfully bittersweet tale filled with Parisian flair that has much in common with the much missed Les Négresses Vertes.

The album closes in epic style with the 10 min plus Hovering Machine. A retro sounding slice of guitar driven pop that lifts and lays you with crescendo after crescendo that will have fans of Dinosaur Jnr and Teenage Fanclub grinning from ear to ear.

This album is a slow burner. It will take a few listens to fully get what these guys are about but it is worth the perseverance as what you discover is a darkly witty album with some great pop songs.


[][][][] (4/5)