Jim Noir: Zooper Dooper (ep)

~ Thursday, 3 February 2011
When Jim Noir's name is mentioned it is normally followed by eccentric, maverick, enigmatic etc but that is because he is all of these. He is never destined to be a household name which is a real pity as he normally creates interesting, engaging and seriously infectious pop songs. I say normally as sadly Zooper Dooper is none of these and is his least engaging work to date.

Zooper Dooper feels like a studio experiment that never quite got finished. There is a saminess to many of the tracks that is perhaps his intention but is ultimately unrewarding to the listener. It is not all bad news though as the title track is a brilliant psychedelic trip of vocal loops and sample that stands head and shoulders above the rest of this ep.

If you are new to Jim Noir then this won't win you over as there is nothing on here anywhere near as good as any of the tracks from his wonderful Tower Of Love album, so buy that instead.