Machine Gun Baby: For The One's We Knew (ep)

~ Wednesday, 16 February 2011
This Dublin 4 piece make a big sound for such a young band. They take their influences from much of the 'in' bands of the moment like Kings Of Leon, Midlake and Arcade Fire and I'm sure they are far to young to remember fellow Irish bands like Energy Orchard, Ghost Of An American Airman and The Fat Lady Sings but their sound reminds me so much of them.

The 5 tracks on this ep all have an anthemic quality to them with opener Judgement Day in particular destined to have stadiums swaying along if the guys fulfill their obvious potential. My Way and The Rescue come straight from U2's 'How to achieved world domination in music' manual. Brooding bass lines... check. Stuttering drums... check. Impassioned vocals... check. Effect laden guitar... check. Yep, they have it down to a fine art.

The ep closes with On The Fence (my favorite) and actually shows them to have a slight Americana edge to their sound that was not present in the previous 4 tracks.

MGB have something about them that makes them stand out. Their music is not wholly original but it is a new twist on something that is a proven seller. If they don't already have the A'n'R guys hassling them 24/7, it is only a matter of time.

The ep is available to download for free from the bands website.