To The Chase: When You Believed/The Return (single)

~ Monday, 14 February 2011
To the Chase are a 3-piece band from Hackney, East London. They are young and enthusiastic and they move along quite brightly. When You Believed is a quirky pop song that is a definite grower, close to the Arctic Monkeys. The Return is slightly overproduced with and closer inspection reveals that they are producing it too. The trouble with producing your own music so early on in your career is that everyone in the band wants their parts louder and this is noticeable in The Return.

They need someone else to deal with production duties and let them concentrate on writing and performing. They should concentrate more on the songs, keep playing live and hopefully by the time their forthcoming album, Listen Close is released, in June 2011they’ll go on to greater things.

A promising start.

Review by Charlie Brown