Genetic Agony: Genetic Agony (ep)

~ Tuesday, 8 March 2011
Madrid based rockers Genetic Agony have obviously been influenced by rock acts from the 70's and 80's with bands like Slayer, Rush, Metallica and Megadeath making an impact on their sound. This 5 track ep was recorded in their hometown with the guys deciding to master the album at London's famous Abbey Road studio. Musically they owe far more to American acts than anything that Abbey Road is famous for producing.

The ep kicks of with the track American Dream and is the most radio friendly of all the tracks with shades of Stone Temple Pilots about it. Front man Rafe's vocals have a distinctive twang given that he sings in English and it is not his first language. They won't win any prizes for originality but it is always going to be hard to reinvent the wheel given the genre of music they play. What they do do however is play with a fearsome passion and self belief in music that they obviously love.

The band show they are adept at tackling Metal ballads which can often sound cringing limp but they pretty much pull it of with both Black Demons and Just Promises. Both these tracks, especially Just Promises, would have any self respecting denim and leather wearing metal head waving their lighters above their mullet with conviction. On Blue and Desperation they attempt to rock out but both these songs are pretty forgettable and follow a bland formula of uninteresting power chords and ham fisted lyrics. Not their finest moments.

This ep is enjoyable enough but music history is littered with bargain bins full of records like this. If they are hoping for bigger things then they need to be far more original than this.