Kimmie Rhodes: Dreams Of Flying

~ Thursday, 10 March 2011
Hot on the heels of her 'Christmas' album comes Dreams Of Flying. Ms Rhodes has an impressive body of work behind her but as with Miracles On Christmas Day, it is hard to see why she is so highly thought of with this latest release. The majority of this album is generic, insipid, middle of the road Americana with few redeeming qualities. It is not helped by the bland production that manages to make real musicians sound like sequencers and samples. If you haven't guessed already... I really don't like this record.

The album opens with the nauseating title track. A song bereft of any kind of dynamic from the painful lyrics to the weak vocals and terrible arrangement. This is seriously turgid stuff. There is some relief in the form of her cover of Donovan's Catch The Wind which features a duet with Joe Ely. Turnin' My World is the only track that shows what we all know she is really capable of. I so wanted to like this record. I know what beautiful music she can write, the evidence is there to see, but this is an instantly forgettable record with production that has rendered any emotion that the songs possessed, totally lifeless. If you like the type of music that gets played in elevators and supermarkets then this is the album for you.