My Son The Hurricane: You Can't Do This

~ Wednesday, 23 March 2011
We reviewed MSTH last year with their ep Check The Barometer and this mini album takes up where it left off. The sound is still soul inspired and funky with MC stylee vocals from Jacob Bergsma. Now, I was none to complementary of Bergsma's lyrical abilities or his penchant for over exuberance of the vocal chords but he's kind of grown on me. He now come across as more of a Beastie Boy than Vanilla Ice.

Things kick of with the instrumental Doom Bringer, a slow brooding brass laden death march that is full of melancholy and sorrow. The downbeat vibe continues with Pushin' Up Daisies which features some brilliant soulful vocals before Bergsma interjects with his best Will Smith impersonation. Things really move up a gear with the brilliant Honour Among Thieves where the Beastie Boys comparisons are in full effect and Bergsma excels while the funky guitars and stabbing brass of Cookie Monster is pushed into overdrive with rapid fire lyrics but you feel this is a track that works live so much better than it does in the studio.

Life Of An Emcee sees us back to the downbeat and feels like nothing more than a filler. Not one of the albums finest moments. Barrachone goes someway to restoring the balance with its carefree fun spirit of blues and soul while Longhair's Lament is pure bubblegum soul with throwaway lyrics that have their tongue firmly in cheek (It is a spoof right?). The album closes on the excellent The Sullivan which morfs from indie pop to kitch disco without stopping for breath.

I'm still far from being a convert but MSTH have grown on me. I'm not convinced that the MC vocal style and the bands sweet funky soul riffs are the best combination but it is played and performed with a considerable amount of passion and lots of fun. If you are looking for something different from the commercial hip hop of the charts then these guys may just be the breath of fresh air you've been waiting for.

[][][][ (3.5/5)